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General Marine

Marine operations an integral part of our nationwide services. We offer a team of experienced surveyors, we are capable of meeting the increasing complexities of today’s marine transportation and survey business on behalf of insurers, shippers and consignees, and we are also competent to conduct damage surveys.

As marine surveyors, we provide Condition and Valuation Surveys for Ship owners, charterers, buyers and financial institutions.

General Cargo

Pre-shipment inspection of General cargoes to verify its Condition, Quantity and Markings as per Letter of Credit contractual terms and conditions.

  • Supervision of Loading and Discharging.
  • Cargo Stowage and Loading / Lashing supervision.
  • Damage Survey.
  • Determination of weight by Draft survey / Sampling / Analysis.
  • Reefer Cargo Damage Survey.
  • Quantity and Quality Certification.

Bunker Survey

Bunkers survey professionals provide professional quantity inspection services for clients on a global basis. Experienced bunker fuel surveyors offer impartial, independent quantity measurement inspection services for marine fuels issuing detailed bunkers survey reports to confirm fuel delivery and report bunker fuel shortages. Bunker fuel quantity and quality reports help clients support fuel shortage claims and quality disputes. All measurements are taken prior to the cargo transfer and then again prior to the vessel’s departure. Bunker Fuel Quantity (BOS) services:

  • Measurement of the bunker tanker and receiving vessel, before and after delivery.

  • Bunker fuel sampling and testing to accepted industry standards.

  • Quantity delivered calculation, based on density testing.

  • Detailed bunker survey reports.

  • Sampling documentation photographs as requested or permitted.

ON / OFF Hire Surveys

Surveys carried out to state the ship condition prior to or after their chartering. The main purpose is to record deficiencies or damages. The surveys note the condition of the Ship at the commencement or completion of a charter. Those surveys are performed either before the ship is delivered into a charter, or redelivered from a charter. The survey report includes a description of condition and cleanliness ship’s cargo spaces, deck areas equipment condition, bunkers on board, listing of the ship’s statutory certificates.

The condition survey is performed with the purpose of inspecting and recording the current condition of the Life boats, Rafts, Main engine, Mooring system, General condition of the Accommodation and Engine room, loading gear, cargo holds and hatches of the ship. Visual inspections of these places are preformed to identify any damages present prior to ship is going ON / OFF hire.

Check of ship’s certificates is performed to obtain issue dates, places, issuing authorities and expiry dates of Main ships certificates.

Damage Survey

The purpose of a Marine Damage Survey is to assess the extent of the damage sustained by the hull, rig, systems, or elsewhere on the vessel. The report presents information on the probable causes of the damage, recommendations on repairs, and estimates the costs for such work. Boats get damaged. Sometimes requiring only minor work to be done, other times it is completely beyond repair.

Surveyors are typically hired by insurance companies to investigate claims. Sometimes a surveyor is hired by a boat owner directly to investigate out of the ordinary degradation or damage, especially on newer boats. 

Shore Tank Calibration

We have high qualified professionals to inspect accuracy of tank capacity. Thousands of storage tanks, barges and tankers have been calibrated nationwide.Through many years of experience, We are able to provide proper advice, consultancy and technical assistance in accuracies of storage tanks capacities.

Lashing Survey/ Verification

Ensure all cargoes loaded onboard vessel cargo holds are evenly distributed, lashed and tied down appropriately prior commencement of voyage.

Heavy lift Cargo / Super Cargo Loading, Lashing and Securing inspection survey supervision service are to check condition of cargo, checking the condition of packing & packaging, Quantity tally, Verify dimension and sizes (volume), Monitoring loading operation, Transportation, Loading to ship, Equipment Certificate verification.

Inspection Lashing and securing for Cargo Lashing Survey complete with on board vessel, Containers, Vehicle (CAR) / Rolling type Cargo Secure stopper and Lashing,  Packing & Crating Control,  Multi wrapping Cargo, etc..

Pre-Shipment inspection (PSI) / Sampling of Cargoes

An inspection of contract goods prior to shipment ascertain Quality, Quantity or price. Comprehensive inspection covers such criteria as product functionality, performance, durability, overall appearance, and dimensions. Requiring the exporter furnished a certificate of inspection – commonly issued by neutral, internationally respected firms. Inspector is assured of receiving goods of Quality / Quantity specified in the sale contract and may require inspection certificates as regards price. Prevent parties from under or over invoicing an attempt to pay lower customs duties or evade foreign exchange restrictions.

Sampling and sealing of cargoes our highly trained product inspectors use the appropriate sampling process to select product lots for pre-shipment inspection, check them against quality requirements or the standards. Our product inspectors receive regular training in their fields of specialization, including Softline, Hardline, Food, and other industries. Our expertise combined with hundreds of customizable checklists for all product categories make for flexible and reliable quality control.