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Pre-Shipment inspection (PSI) / Sampling of Cargoes

An inspection of contract goods prior to shipment ascertain Quality, Quantity or price. Comprehensive inspection covers such criteria as product functionality, performance, durability, overall appearance, and dimensions. Requiring the exporter furnished a certificate of inspection – commonly issued by neutral, internationally respected firms. Inspector is assured of receiving goods of Quality / Quantity specified in the sale contract and may require inspection certificates as regards price. Prevent parties from under or over invoicing an attempt to pay lower customs duties or evade foreign exchange restrictions.

Sampling and sealing of cargoes our highly trained product inspectors use the appropriate sampling process to select product lots for pre-shipment inspection, check them against quality requirements or the standards. Our product inspectors receive regular training in their fields of specialization, including Softline, Hardline, Food, and other industries. Our expertise combined with hundreds of customizable checklists for all product categories make for flexible and reliable quality control.