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ON / OFF Hire Surveys

Surveys carried out to state the ship condition prior to or after their chartering. The main purpose is to record deficiencies or damages. The surveys note the condition of the Ship at the commencement or completion of a charter. Those surveys are performed either before the ship is delivered into a charter, or redelivered from a charter. The survey report includes a description of condition and cleanliness ship’s cargo spaces, deck areas equipment condition, bunkers on board, listing of the ship’s statutory certificates.

The condition survey is performed with the purpose of inspecting and recording the current condition of the Life boats, Rafts, Main engine, Mooring system, General condition of the Accommodation and Engine room, loading gear, cargo holds and hatches of the ship. Visual inspections of these places are preformed to identify any damages present prior to ship is going ON / OFF hire.

Check of ship’s certificates is performed to obtain issue dates, places, issuing authorities and expiry dates of Main ships certificates.